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Familiars Won

On the Viridian Ocean:

On the Malachite Ocean:

On the Sage Ocean:

  • Independent pirate

On the Hunter Ocean:

  • Independent pirate

On the Cobalt Ocean:

  • Independent pirate

On the Midnight Ocean:

  • Independent pirate


Greenslope began his career as a pirate with humble intentions. A ship and the ocean were enough to occupy his time. He joined the crew History and quickly gained the trust of crew founder, Trenna, and was given the title of first mate. When Trenna departed the game. Greenslope became the new captain. He was later joined in History by Teuts, a fellow compulsive forum contest enterer.

He is moderately active on the forums and has produced award winning Avatars for other forum members. During the Halloween 2008 forum contests, Greenslope earned his first familiar, an orange octopus named Viridian, since recolored to lime. Also, his first renamed ship, the Haunted Pumpkinseed.

The name "Greenslope" comes from an etymological interpretation of his player's last name.

He is known to almost always use proper English spelling and military time.


To Greenslope, for an excellent pumpkin in Piratey Pumpkin Carving 2008
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Greenslope's Renamed Vessels

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  • Haunted Pumpkinseed won in Madmarymeade's Piratey Pumpkin Carving 2008 forum contest.
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  • Gingerbread Longfin Icedevil won in Tilinka's Gingerbread Ships! forum contest.

Greenslope's Avatars

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Contributions and Accomplishments

  • 3rd place in Guantanamo's Gitmo needs an avatar! 500+ doubs forum contest[1]
  • 4th Place in Tilinka's Gingerbread Ships! forum contest [2]
  • 2nd Place in Madmarymeade's Piratey Pumpkin Carving 2008 forum contest [3]
  • Winner of Apollo's Dead Leaves Fly forum contest [4]
  • Participant in Cronus' Octopi Trick or Treat Sloop Race [5] Viridian I (Greenslope+Teuts / 53 leagues / 77 min)
  • Winner of Lotsofgoats' Thousand-and-Eight Doubloon Epic Avatar Extravaganza forum contest [6]
  • Winner of Skidwanlus' Skidwanlus Knows a Secret (Part 1) forum contest [7]
  • Runner Up in Prometheus' Avatar Revolutions forum contest for The Last Drop [8]
  • Entrant in Hephaestus' Y!PP's Greatest Hits! '08 forum contest [9]
  • 3rd place in Feylind's Botanical Arrrt! forum contest [10]
  • Honorable Mention in Madmarymeade's A Sailor's Yarn -- "Woolly" event forum contest [11]
  • Participant in Cronus' Summer Runnin' Ship Races [12] Viridian I (solo / 51 leagues / 77 min)
  • Participant in Artemis' The November Great Races [13] Viridian III (solo / 54 leagues / 94 min)
  • Occasionally spotted performing Greeter Duties
  • Memorized Viridian Ocean