Ships for Ewe

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Ships for Ewe
Right-facing Shipyard on
Guava Island (Emerald Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Seraphym
Manager(s) Abyzaran, Rachet, Ghostfire, Dhestroyer
Erected April 2005

Booty Grabber Brigs is a shipyard on Guava Island owned by Seraphym. It was placed by Drjekyll shortly after the Booty Grabbers flag won the island and was handed over to Silkprincess when she took over as monarch. It was purchased by Seraphym in March of 2009. We are currently open for business and looking for a new name. Send suggestions to Seraphym in game.

It has been renamed in keeping with the sheep theme of Guava Island. Booty Grabber Brigs is now known as Ships for Ewe.