Flaming Rosebud

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Flaming Rosebud at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Sverdrup-West of Schroedinger's Cat
Member crew(s) Bailey, Reapers of Souls, Schroedinger's Cat
Organization Oligarchic
Founded 1 May, 2008
Mostly dormant as of 24 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Flaming Rosebud is currently a small, yet diverse dormant flag on the Cerulean Ocean founded by Schroedinger's Cat in the year 2008 on May 1 on Cobalt.


Flaming Rosebud will be an eminent, politically active flag operating outside established alliance networks to discover and to learn about adventures that are generally inaccessible to most pirates.


On May 1st, 2008 the senior officers of Schroedinger's Cat voted unanimously to create the flag Flaming Rosebud. The name originated from an infamous booch that cannot be shared in the public domain. All senior officers of the Cat were royalty until January 4th, 2010.

On the 18th October 2008 the Jolly Rogerers were invited to join Flaming Rosebud.

On January 9th, 2009 the crew Hang On Sloopy joined Flaming Rosebud after its captain Stabatha superbly led a flotilla of sloops during the taking of Tigerleaf Mountain December 6th, 2008..

Major activities 2010

Attacked Spectre on January 23 (sinking), Carmine on March 3rd (sinking), and both Dendrite and Raven's Roost on April-24 (sinking after round 2). Hosted sinking and non-sinking event blockades at Raven's Roost during the months of May, June, and July at roughly weekly intervals.

A war declaration sent to Reverence Rebirth for consisently poor jobbing behavior was not returned. Declarations of war were also sent to Wench and National Pirate Radio as representatives of largely inactive flags ruling Labyrinth Moors and Napi, respectively.

A brigand king was scuttled and subsequently defeated at Raven's Roost on July 3rd, 2010 in a successful sinking defence. On July 17th a non-sinking defence of Raven's Roost against The Art of War failed, but it resulted in a new alliance with Forever Untamed. Furthermore, war declarations were sent to Art of War and their ally Anbin Alayam during and after the blockade, respectively as part of a political maneuver to caused strife within the attacking alliance by threatening to attack Tigerleaf Mountain held by Anbin Alayam. After Raven's Roost was lost, all outstanding declarations of war were withdrawn and offers of truce sent. The fall-out of these events will become evident over the next 3 months as the ocean may see war chests dropped at unexpected places, by unexpected flags, at unexpected times.

Major activities 2008

On June 21st 2008, Flaming Rosebud fielded 55 stocked ships for the 3-round Diastrophe Island give-away event blockade. Severely out-jobbed and learning new aspects of the blockading game, they scored 43 points in field of 20 competing flags.

During the Typhoon Island Event Blockade on July 27th 2008, they fielded 2 longships and a sloop paying jobbers 6000 poe/round and scoring over 50 points.

On August 9th 2008, they fielded a brig navigated by Blatfrig and Matinicus in the first 3 rounds to aid Thors Hammer in their ultimately successful attack of Prolix Purlieu. An alliance proposal sent to Thors Hammer was not accepted until after the blockade. Nevertheless, Schroedinger's Cat ships fired selectively, neutralized many The Art of War buoys, and scored 50-120 points per round in a closely contested blockade.

On November 17th 2008, Flaming Rosebud declared their intent to blockade Tigerleaf Mountain on December 6th 2008. On the announced date Flaming Rosebud won the isle in 3 rounds from Art of War with Abychtoo, Bettybounce, Blatfrig, Bobber, Estonian, Margaretta, Kirei, and Wentworth as first-time blockade battle navigators. Castawaykate acted as first-time Jobbing Contact, and Matinicus as first-time traffic control officer. A brigade of 3 sloops was led by Stabatha of Eve of Destruction, an ally at the time. Tigerleaf Mountain was lost the following week in 3 costly, sinking rounds against Eleventy who drew about 140 jobbers to side against 90 pirates supporting the defence.


Despite attempts to stay clear of excessive entanglements, Flaming Rosebud's experience with formal alliances have been largely negative. Thors Hammer cancelled an alliance in the fall of 2008 to join an exclusive alliance ring of flags, tracing their origins to Garnet island holders. In February 2009 both Super Awesomeness and Castaway Cove cancelled alliances to facilitate a sinking blockade between Super Awesomeness's ally Wench, and Castaway Cove. An alliance with Fate of the Phoenix was dissolved after they jobbed against Flaming Rosebud in their defence of Tigerleaf Mountain.

In 2010 several battle field alliances were formed and canceled, however, potential longer term alliances with Forever Untamed and Elements of Fear are still in their early testing stages. Informal alliances were formed in 2010 with several aligned and unaligned crews and flags as a result of shared blockade experiences.

Apolitical wars

On May 15th 2008 Flaming Rosebud royals returned a declaration of war issued by Castaway Cove under a privately negotiated war convention. The crews: Crossbones lead by Snort and Jade Scorpions lead by Manta, were the main hunters and hunted, seeking sinking engagements. War goals included extending the training of all Officers to times of war, to continue new officer training and to maintain active pillaging as the essence of a pirating existence. The war was concluded June 7th 2008.

A hostile war declaration was issued on September 8th 2008 against the flag led by Yarrby for scamming jobbers out of their booty. Their crew and flag fell apart after a week of almost daily PvP. A similar declaration was issued in mid-January 2010 towards the flag ScarletBladire for boastful and disrespectful conclusions of PvP. ScarletBladire disbanded after a week of PvP hunts and the sinking of a merchant brig by a Jolly Rogerer sloop.

A war declaration sent to Royal Flag was returned June-6, 2010 with the first ship sunk June-7.

Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
9 24 October 2010 Raven's Roost XIV Attacking No The Art of War vs. Flaming Rosebud 3:0 Didn't win island
8 17 July 2010 Raven's Roost XII Defending No Flaming Rosebud vs. The Art of War 3:0 Lost island
7 3 July 2010 Raven's Roost XI Defending Yes Flaming Rosebud vs. The Enlightened 3:1 Defended island
6 24 April 2010 Raven's Roost X Attacking Yes Faded Legends vs. Flaming Rosebud 3:0 Won island
5 24 April 2010 Dendrite XII Attacking Yes Faded Legends vs. Flaming Rosebud 2:3 Didn't win island
4 6 March 2010 Carmine III Attacking Yes Oceanus Expeditus vs. Flaming Rosebud 1:3 Didn't win island
3 23 January 2010 Spectre VII Attacking Yes All Hands On Deck vs. Flaming Rosebud 0:3 Didn't win island
2 13 December 2008 Tigerleaf VIII Defending Yes Flaming Rosebud vs. Eleventy 0:3 Lost island
1 6 December 2008 Tigerleaf VII Attacking No The Art of War vs. Flaming Rosebud 0:3 Won island

Flag stalls

List of stalls run by flag members

  • Theby's Distilling Stall - Carmine Island
  • Wentworth's Ironworking Stall - Kirin Island