Jade Scorpions

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Jade Scorpions at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain Waswimpy
Senior Officer(s) Manta, Merilda, Piper
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation None
Founded 3 March, 2005
Last updated on 9 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Jade Scorpions.jpg

Jade Scorpions is a crew that sails the Cerulean Ocean that was founded on 3 March 2005.

History of Jade Scorpions

Jade Scorpions was founded on March 3, 2005, when Manta decided to seek new horizons and set sail for the uncharted waters of Cobalt. When Draconorbert joined the crew, he introduced Manta to the flag of Valor, where the Jade Scorpions found a great bunch of mates. The Jade Scorpions proudly flew the Valor flag until March 3rd 2008, when they amicably left Valor in search of more adventurous waters.

Public Statement

Beware the curse of the Jade Scorpions! We conduct ourselves with all the charm and beauty of exotic jade, but, don't be fooled by our graces...dallying with us may result in a memorable stinging!

And if ye'd like...I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger (cheeseburger accepted as well) today!

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