Eve of Destruction

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Eve of Destruction at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Monarch Stabatha of Hang On Sloopy
Member crew(s) Deliberately Detrimental, Hang On Sloopy, Pink Fuzzy Socks, Crimson and Silver, Captain's Officers
Merged with Flaming Rosebud as of 26 March, 2009
Flags-Eve of Destruction.jpg

Eve of Destruction was a flag on the Cobalt Ocean


Eve of Destruction was formed on July 14, 2008, after the crew, Hang On Sloopy, had departed from the flag, Old Pirate Aid. Two weeks later, Deliberately Detrimental joined the flag. On October, 2008, two crews joined Eve of Destruction; Pink Fuzzy Socks, and Crimson and Silver. The most recent crew to join the flag was Captain's Officers on November 2008.

Eve of Destruction was dissolved in early January 2009. The dissolution was agreed upon by the royals due to an inablity to commit to upholding the flag's standards because of inactivity.

Public Statement

You don't believe we're on the eve of destruction...

Eve of Destruction is a song from 1965, it was a protest song against the many controversial issues,in the United States, during that time. This song depicts the injustices that were creating division among US citizens, the song warns that fighting for the sake of fighting will lead to utter failure for all.

This flag would like to represent fighting the good fight, working towards a greater good for all the ocean and not just a small percentage of it. We are hard workers and strong puzzlers! Ultimately we want to take control of an island, and defend it as long as we're able to do our jobs efficiently. We believe in respect and honesty, particularly towards our fellow puzzle pirates.

This flag invites other hard working crews to join us in our efforts! We are hard working and we all contribute to the goals we have set in place. Even if your contribution as a crew is nothing more than a handfull of strong puzzlers, that would be fantastic in our eyes!

Extended Public Statement

We are a small flag, looking to build ourselves to greatness! We encourage hard working crews to join us!

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