Excalibur (Emerald)

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Excalibur at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Blax
Senior Officer(s) Meerkat, Tatara, Tdeathblake
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation -Tenacity-
Last updated on 21 December, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info

Excalibur is a crew on the Emerald Ocean that flies the flag -Tenacity-. It existed on the Hunter Ocean prior to the ocean merge.

Public statement


Extended public statement

The rain hailed down unto his ship, washing away the maroon blood that stained his ship. His bloodied hand grabbed the hilt of his sword. 5 of the survivng mutineers advanced menacingly, snarling and sniggering. Looking around, the captain saw his fallen yet loyal crew smiling faintly at him, the life draining out of their bodies.

A surge of rage and anger overwhelmed his fatigue. Fiercely drawing out his treasured blade, he made a silent vow. To fight with honour, and be triumphant.

"Excalibur!! It's either them, or us!"


Welcome to Excalibur! =)


Before you look at the rankings and such, please note the following.

Show respect for your Senior Officers and me (XD). My Senior Officers have their rank, for a reason.

Don't EVER use vulgarities, or obscenities. Some decency here would be acknowledged.

Treat your jobbers nicely! If a pillage is ruined, don't push the blame on them, etc.


Rankings! ^_^

Cabin Person: 1 GM in Sailing, Carpentry or Bilging.

Pirate: Requires a GM in gunning. Alternatively 2 GMs or more in the Piracy Skills.

Officer: 2 GMs in Sailing, Bilging or Carpentry, and must have GM in Bnav. Alternatively, you may have 2 Legendary and 1 GM in any one of the 3 basic Piracy Skills.

FO: 2 GMs and 1 Legendary in Sailing, Bilging or Carpentry. Requires a Legendary in Bnav. Alternatively, you may have 3 Legendary, or 2 Legendary and 2 GM. Most importantly, must have been at least 1 week in the crew.

SO: This is one of the most coveted rank. Requires UTMOST TRUST from the Captain.

  • Note: Certain exceptions may be made.


Excalibur was founded by Titanrulez in the year 2007 on February 18. The crew set out to be an elite crew, and with the help of Silvermist and Meerkat, the crew soon became established. The crew then joined Titanrulez's old mate's flag, Beyond the veil.

Koloni and Tatara soon joined the crew, to become the 4th and 5th members of the crew respectively. Ritzapper also joined the crew, and built it up to what it is today. Not long after Ritzapper joined the crew, Titanrulez got in a PvP battle against Twisted Glory, with Blackrippa as its bnavver. They won the fight, and with a few other PvPs, they grew to the rank Dread Pirates. But another battle with Cairna brought their rank down to Scoundrels.

Then a couple of new faces joined within a week - with the new addition of Astir, Whitewilly, Jackolight, Akegata and Lilja, the crew grew stronger than ever.

The crew joined their previous flag, Access Denied, in early 2009.