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Familiars Won

End is a senior officer of the crew Rolling Thunder and a member of the flag Tempest on the Viridian Ocean. He has flip-flopped around crews however, and has gone out as an individual pirate frequently as well. Most know End for his impressive swordfighting tactics.

The Legend

On the Viridian Ocean, his name lingers among the best swordfighters that have ever laid foot on an ocean. He is consistently among the top 3 of the ultimate list of swordfighters, and the conspicuous alts of himself (as his name is one of the most feared in the oceans and nobody desires to wager with him) generally fill up nearly half of the top 10. He has profitted nearly 15 million+ directly from swordfighting and has won familiars through the puzzle as well. Between him and the legendary Silverdawg lies the spot for the greatest profitters from swordfighting to exist, and the debate of who is better is generally a heated topic. Rumor has it that End has beaten Silverdawg the majority of times.

One may notice that his brother, Ejmueller, is also one of the top competitors in the swordfighting world. Though many people think End may also be cheating since his brother got banned, nobody will quite know for sure.

The "breaker stacking" strategy is believed to have been derived by End. Many of his videos can be viewed on www.youtube.com.

End is also known for his witty comments after someone doubts his skill in the puzzle: UnknownSFer says, "...modder" End says, "Nah. Just a Vegas 2" End says, "Err... wait, no, that was a Vegas 4. My apologies."


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