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Edea, also known as Edeana started playing on Indigo on 24.11.04.

After gaining some experience at the game, Edea became royalty of a big war flag, but got sick of that, and so founded her own crew Hullabaloo and flag Vogelfrei on September 2005. These crew members could be found swordfighting, hanging around in the inn or on the Alpha dock.

One of the things that Edea was most famous for, was her rather large tailor Escadea on Alpha and her exquisite clothes - in quantity and quality. Edea was also known as the pirate who owns the most portraits on Indigo.

Edea first logged into Midnight soon after she started playing on Indigo, but only to look for new patches. For this reason she crew hopped a lot when she first played Midnight. She wanted to be called Edea, however someone had already taken that name, so she settled for Edeana.

Alas, the lack of patches released on Indigo angered many players, so she started playing Midnight a lot more. Edea found the language difficult at first, but it is better now.

Edea met Dragunov and Lizardking at the brawl table, and was convinced to join their crew, Red Tears. She is quoted as saying "It's a big friendship group (some of my Indigo friends play as greenies in Red Tears)". Edea met a little known pirate called Wildeyedjack, during the summer, whom she is rather fond of.

These days she can usually be found hanging around in a cottage built for two.

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