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Dressedinred is the captain and flirt of the crew Shi no shi on the Hunter Ocean and princess of the flag hells ongoing eclipse. She goes by Red or Aly, anything else annoys her.

Her First Days on Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates

Dressedinred started out on the Midnight ocean in a crew where she quickly became senior officer. To this day, Smeshama is the captain of that same crew, but it is now dormant.

Her Crews

Dressedinred started with a crew that she inherited from a friend before she came to Random Sunshine, but everyone was dormant and she grew bored with it. In June of 2008, Ceary was looking for random clothing to buy and Red just happened to have a white and aqua wide-brimmed hat Ceary could buy. Ceary invited her to join Random Sunshine as an officer and she gladly took the offer. After just three days, Red became a fleet officer and then a senior officer after less then two weeks.

In August of 2008, Red joined with The Eternal Hydrae to help with a blockade to take over an island. She came back to Random Sunshine a week later. Dressedinred was made lady, and then princess when Random Creativity was created.

On January 3, 2009, Ceary left Random Sunshine. Gasoline was made captain, and three days later, Dressedinred was queen of Random Creativity and captain of Random Sunshine.

In February of 2009, Dressedinred decided that she was going to change accounts and joined Ceary's new crew, Eclipsed Moon as senior officer and princess under the new name, Redalysha. Three weeks later she joined her friend at the time, Alleyberet in Seasirens as pirate under the name Anitab.

In early March 2009, Dressedinred talked to an old friend, Yourfears and he talked her into making her own crew. Burnt Offerings was created on March 24, 2009. Seductiive, Seafive, and Yourfears were instantly made senior officers and Ceary joined them on April 11, 2009.

As a new crew, they created a flag on the first of April. Yourfears was made king, while the other two senior officers and Dressedinred were made royalty.

Eventually dressedinred merged into Gasoline's crew, delirium Trigger. With in a month he quit and she took over.

July 9, 2009, Dressedinred merged delirium trigger into --galletaz--, she left for merciless fate a few days later.

On july 15, 2009, Dressedinred made Shi no Shi, which she read in her favorite book that it ment death no death in italian.


Dressedinred has many friends, all of which she loves to talk to. If anyone out there ever wants to talk to Dressedinred, just ask.

In June of 2008, Red met Ceary when she was in a tailoring shoppe on Aimuari Island during one of Ceary's random shopping sprees for random clothing. Ever since, Ceary and Red have stuck together in crews and flags. And with Ceary, she met her good hearty, Izzycooll. Many friends have come and gone, but as of October 10, 2009, Dressedinred does not know what she would do without Ceary, Izzycooll, Spiritofsail, Karyn, Vampirica, Stacex, and all the other people in her flag that put up with her flag broadcast "chit chat". She knows not everyone likes it, but the chat is red... and Some people acctually like it, so she may as well please the majority. :P Dressedinred love you all! <33

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