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Izzycooll is a mysterious pirate that can not be explained. You can't read her but she can see right through you.



Izzycooll was originally Izzycool back in October 2007 until the end of September of 2008. Izzy had quit, but came back because she was told she was missed by her friends, especially her hearty, Ceary who she had known since December 2007. They met back when Ceary wanted to sell Izzy a pair of boots for an good and low price. Ever since trying to sell Izzy a pair of boots, they have been best hearties, even through hardships and hurt feelings.Diamondrose is like a big sister and enjoys giving Izzy cookies and other delicious treats. Izzy met Diamond in April 2008. Ceary introduced her to Izzy and they have been best friends ever since.

About a 1 year 1/2 later crew with room for old salts, greenhorns and landlubbers. Black Sunshine was an active crew with several stalls owned or managed by crew members. Frequent pillaging as well as frequent partying was part of the daily life of the crew, as the members of Black Sunshine truly enjoyed the social aspects of the game. Black Sunshine was created by Mistikpirate and Izzycooll in the year 2009 on November 27. Mistikpirate remained captain of the crew until March 2010 when he decided to take a break until the summer 2010. The co-creator Izzycooll became captain in his place. Until the end of May 2010 Captinary held the position as captain of the crew. Captinary merged Black Sunshine in to the crew Phoenix Rising.


To change Izzy's main pirate name Izzycooll back Izzycool. Cost is 30 Rogue Marks. GOAL INCOMPLETE

Honored memories

••Resurrected old friends••

December 19, 2017 : On "Dark Seas", a spin-off game of Puzzle Pirates, Ground who is currently Ryppyn randomly ran into Izzycooll on a pilly. He noticed her by stating her name outloud with a question mark,"izzycool?"

~Izzycool then said "Yea?" ,

~Ground replied "did you have a crew?"

~Izzycool said "yea , Horizon Dwellers?" (note: Izzy meant to say Black Sunshine)

~Ground responded, " it's me Ground, do you remember me"

~Izzycool, got all excited and said "OMGGG yessss I remember that name"

~Ground laughed and said " I was in a crew with you and Mistik"

Once Izzycool heard the mention of Mistik aka Mistikpirate ,she knew this person was from a long time ago and couldn't believe how many years had pass.

Since that moment Ground reminded Izzy of his history with her and the crew. Even though Izzy couldn't remember everything, she remembered his presence. He even mentioned that he was in her top hearties list!

Remembering old friends is always a heartwarming experience.

••Magnanimous pirates••

The mention of the following is important. These pirates have helped and offered things to Izzycooll without thinking twice. These pirates have such a generous spirit that conversations with them have been easy yet inspiring.


-He's such a giving pirate.

On December 20, 2017, a Wednesday afternoon, Izzy was trying to sell furniture and a particular pair of buyers were being rude so she left their house. Although Drygore didn't know the buyers , he saw the chat and apologized on their behalf. Izzycooll was taken aback. From that moment it was clear that Drygore was a pirate who was able to be selfless even when the situation wasn't his. Izzycooll was intrigued and decided to want to get to know Drygore better. In their long conversation, and without a request, Drygore unexpectedly gifted Izzycooll a Hedgehog. That was the nicest thing someone has done for Izzy in a very long time on Puzzle Pirates. Izzycooll promised Drygore that she would make sure that everyone who ever read Izzycoooll's profile they'd know who he is.


-He's one of those funny and chill pirates who makes an amazing friend.

On several occasions, Ryp's unexpected gifts to Izzy have left her speechless and even more appreciative to have a friend like him. That being said, Ryp's and Izzy's friendship is just getting started.

Old crews (not in order)

Horizon Dwellers ~ Former captain Boardy ... Former Senior Officer Cherie Note: Horizon Dwellers was Izzy's first crew

Random Sunshine ~ Former captain Ceary

Black Sunshine ~ Former captain Mistikpirate ( now Cayson )

Black Sunshine Captain and co-creator Izzycooll

Burnt Offerings ~ Former captain Dressedinred

Eclipsed Moon ~ Former captain Dressedinred

Major Fail ~ Former princess of the flag Izzycooll

Life on "Dark Seas-Puzzle Pirates"

As of December 2017, Izzycool started playing on Dark Seas-Puzzle Pirates.

She is currently apart of the crew White Moonlight in the "Defiant Armada" faction with Captain Ryppyn . Dark Seas has opened an opportunity for many pirates like Izzy to start over and to competitively participate in game changing activities.

Active crew

White Moonlight

~ Co-creator | Captain | "Navigator" | Ryppyn

~ Co-creator | Senior Officer | "Scribe" | Izzycool *Note: The title Scribe was chosen because of Izzy's known interest of building her Yppedia page


T B D (To be determined...)


See here.

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