Release 2005-03-30

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Minor tweaks

From the Release Notes:

Arr, nothing exciting this time, just a follow-up release to address some issues.

  • "Do not disturb" does not apply to your hearties.
  • "Do not disturb" is automatically disabled if you apply for a posted job.
  • The "Do not disturb" icons have been changed.
  • Rearranged the buttons on the "Ye" panel to make them all fit on doubloon oceans.
  • On doubloon oceans, the crew rank badges now once again only age on login days. The labor badge still ages daily.
  • Fixed a bug that let hapless pirates join the fray with the skeletons just prior to them departing the island.
  • When commodities are transferred from the construction site into the finished building, previously if one kind of commodity wouldn't fit completely it was discarded. Now, as much as will fit is added.
  • Fixed a bug with building creation for governors.
  • Fixed a bug with viewing orders in the info panel and having it tell you to press the nonexistant 'deliver' button.
  • Gold ore is now correctly named on the tax rates page.