Release 2010-11-16

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What's in the Box?

From the Release Notes:
  • Added some new pig colors for sale in the Palace Shoppe.
  • New Black Market Product - Black Box Series 2
    • Note: All older black boxes should now be marked as "Black Box (Series 1)" and retain the original item distribution.
  • New type of Crew Hall/Flag Hall between "Fine" and "Grandiose": "Stately"
  • Bugfixes
    • Fix a bug where editing a multi-page portrait gallery would incorrectly reorder the portraits.
    • Fix a bug where pirates sometimes couldn't start doing their duty appropriately after leaving a cursed isle, Atlantis citadel or shipwreck graveyard.
    • Fix a bug where after deleting a pirate, their jobs were sometimes kept for a few days.