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Rise of Asgard

From YPPedia

Rise of Asgard at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Zipzon of Thor's Thunder
Member crew(s) Thor's Thunder
Founded 2 February, 2007
Allies Crudelitas, Midnight Marooners, United Fury, Victory Raiders
Wars None
Last updated on 19 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Rise of Asgard.jpg

Rise of Asgard is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean. It is a bunch of crews that have a love for the game, but yet they take it very seriously.

Pirates who are looking for a crew to join should not hesitate to ask one of the many captains in the flag. Crews looking for a flag to join should ask one of the many royalty or titled members. They will be open to discuss it and let the prospective crew know.

Thor image

In Norse religion and Norse mythology, Asgard (Old Norse: Ásgarðr) is the realm of the Gods.

Pillages: Held each day at different times of the day just look for one of their wonderful crews to pillage with.

Flag articles

Not to many to remember but they stand by them

  1. Always listen to the FO's, SO's, and Captain.
  2. Always ask PTB (permission to board) before ye get on a ship.
  3. Always respect others.
  4. Never go in the crows nest.
  5. Never leave in a battle. Inform them before a battle or right after battle so they can get a replacement.
  6. Have fun!

Public statement

Thor is swinging his hammer creating Thunder across the ocean; pirates, brigands and the likes will know we are here. There is no doubt we are here and here to stay, we will not be easily ignored. We have some Live Bait, falsely claiming to be an easy target, but are in-fact a hard bait to swallow. Something is changing the ocean, something is changing the atmosphere, something is growing, and is slowly but strongly becoming a force to recon with, a force creating fun and laughter, a force creating a caring environment. We are here and we are here to stay, together we are Rise of Asgard. Feel welcome to join us in our fun, be it as a jobber, a member of our crews or as a crew joining the flag. We only have one request, ensure that you enjoy the game.

We have regular pilly's amongst the crews, there will be pilly's available each day. The Monthly Flag Sail is held on the 2nd of each month, currently starting it 19:30 UK Time.

We are a flag promoting the fun of the game, yes it is a game, but at the same time we are a very serious and dedicated flag. If you, like us, enjoy plenty of good laughs as well as being able to take the GAME seriously without involving bickering, ye will find a great family within RoA.

If you want to see how fun this game can be, job with any of the crews and ye will be positively surprised.

As a flag we are very democratic, we use our forum for poll questions and discussions for things that are important, this is not a flag where the elite get the say, everyone who wants to have a say and an input in what is happening are welcome to do so.

If ye want to join our flag or ally with us, please visit our forum, http://www.topbb.com/riseofasgard visitors can use part of the forum, however to get full use ye need to be a registered user and part of the flag.

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