Cradle of Life

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Cradle of Life
Left-facing Palace (upgraded) on
Garden Cradle (Onyx Archipelago)
Meridian Ocean
Erected August 2008
Building-Meridian-Cradle of Life.png

Cradle of Life is the palace on Garden Cradle in the Onyx Archipelago of the Meridian Ocean.


Prior to the ocean merge in early 2012, the building was located on the Viridian Ocean. It was demolished and rebuilt in a slightly different location in November 2008, as its original location meant that it could not be upgraded from a fort to a palace without destroying some of the commodity spawn locations on the island. The building was formerly named Palace, and Burning Brimstone. During its time on the Viridian Ocean, the building was formerly owned by Astrangel and Powerbow.

The building was renamed Alcatraz, and later Cradle of Life.

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