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Lanae Love
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Classie was a lieutenant commander in the Lima Island Navy in the Jade Archipelago on the Meridian Ocean before she deleted her pirate. She was captain of the crew Provenance.



  • Began competing in tournaments and YPP events to gain status. Began doing trade runs from island to island to support crew and flag stalls based on Lima Island and the surrounding archipelago.
  • 2008: A dispute among ownership forced State of Freedom to once again disband and create a new crew. Most pirates, after this decision, deleted their accounts and never played again, made new alts to start over, or joined the leadership of Gulk in Nautical Mishap where he led his pirate family to begin playing on Malachite when the oceans were open there.
  • 2009: Classie stayed under Nautical Mishap under the leadership of Gulk until gaming became too much with the coexistence of real life, and the crew disbanded in inevitable agreement. Classie went dormant for two years.
  • 2011-12: Classie rejoins the YPP world wanting to stay under her loyalty to the only flag she had ever known: Antheas. She joined the crew Perilous Corsairs under the leadership of Willblade. Due to her gaming schedule and conflict of time zone gaming, she reluctantly left Perilous Corsairs to better socially play under the powerful leadership in the crew of Spank the Plank, led by Kingace.
  • Classie began to deepen her trading roots by reinventing her social trading skills to trinket and furniture purchases and trades - eventually leading her to open her own clothing, weaving, and furniture stalls to hone in her knowledge and experience in the commodity and dockside markets.
  • 2012-13: Due to the absence of their captain, Spank the Plank created Mutiny and reformed under the crew Black label - co-led by Drags and Godmother in an attempt to keep the gaming family together and active in blockades and pillages. Black Label was later renamed The Child Thief by Godmother - who kept the crew and now leads it victoriously. Classie spent her time jobbing for her crew and flag; Infamous, and was active with her tailoring stall and on trade runs. She enjoyed jobbing and crafting puzzles; was very social and always willing to lend a helping hand.
  • December 26, 2013 - Classie created a crew named Provenance. She enjoys helping new pirates learn how to play the game, about the commodity and dockside markets, as well as teaching them how to carouse and craft. She has sacrificed her stats to help pirates learn the game and decided it was time to build an army of new or relearning pirates. She is actively recruiting pirates to join in the fun or find a nice place to begin their adventures in the YPP world.
  • Summer 2014 - Classie deleted her pirate and made Chaynz due to personal life vs. virtual realities of the demand of the heart and politics within and apart from the game. Due to pressure and circumstance, she again deleted Chaynz and made Puissance in hopes to regain leadership as a Captain to beginner and minority players who do not wish to play politically. Again, matters of the heart and personal life intervened, and she went dormant from the game in October of 2014, logging on only monthly to maintain and check on stalls and hearties.
  • April 7, 2015 - Classie remade her own pirate "Classie" and started over in game again. It is her goal to get her stats back up and one day rejoin the ocean when real life allows the time. In between and on occasion she will log on to check up on her earnings and stats.
  • October 22,2015 - Classie reopened her furnishing stall, is slowly re-earning her trophies back and doing trade runs once again. She joined a crew and is active in tournaments and helping on voyages.

Who knew?

  • Despite her noob profile, Classie is in fact an eighth year pirate; she refers others to this profile as proof. She keeps all of her trinkets, furniture, pictures and boats from her previous playing in her Manor on Dragon's Nest, on said boats, and in several themed cabins.
  • An artist in real life, Classie has joined trinket designing events and won a spot in the October 13, 2013 Atlantis trinket design event with her enchanted turtle pendant. Her trinket from the competition remains in a display case in her Manor on Dragon's Nest.
  • Her octopus, Lucky was given to her when her sister; Charms, went dormant in the game. After Classie won her first fammy on her own (a parrot), she did what her sister did and gave it to her bro, Albinoman. Her ippolito, Shard was bought when she temporarily quit the game for two weeks to fund rejoining when she came back. Her ippolito, Thurston was sold to Ruffbear to help fund for her new crew. The unnamed parrot was won via gold boxes, and gifted to Kingphenom who named it Pidgey. After creating her new crew, she rebought another ippolito, (Artemis). Artemis was given in a gamble wager for a sf tourney by a hearty - it was lost and although the PoE for Artemis was replenished, the SH never made it back to Classie's shoulder. Classie was given an Unnamed Ippolito as a gift from Dangerouss. She named him Maverick. Dangerouss currently wears the ippolito but no longer plays the game. Her spider Spinnetje was bought; when making Puissance, from the PoE made from Classie's pirate when she deleted herself from the game. Spinnetje will never be for sale as she represents the responsibility and work that comes from earning your achievements honestly. Classie renamed Spinnetje; "Fangz", on October of 2015.
  • For being such a trustworthy pirate, Classie was only stolen from twice in her seven years of game-play. Both of which loyal friends helped track the pirates down, and in one case had to get an intervention made with Hera!
  • Classie wrote a poem for the 2014 Infamous Flag Arrlympics, and tied for third place! Her trinket rests at her villa on Kirin.
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