Lunar Eclipse (Midnight)

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Lunar Eclipse at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Bluefinn
Senior Officer(s) Captainexile, Drevil, Spyderx
Politics Democratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Blue's Royals
Founded 9 September, 2004
Dormant as of 17 June, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info

Lunar Eclipse is a crew on the Midnight Ocean, founded September 9, 2004. The crew is currently dormant.

Public Statement

WE are a bunch of 'service-hearted' individuals looking to set the bar high fer practice of honor and grace to the whole of Midnight. A bunch of funloving "poet-warriors" are we!!!

Rules are simple in this crew. 1.Listen to the Officer in charge. They're trained and know what they're doing. Rules at sea vary from person to person so you'll have to consult the officer in charge for ground rules on their ship. Other than that the number 1 rule here is to have fun!! I mean that too.

2.In sea battle TEAM up. Teams of 2 and 3 with no solo fighting and no overteaming. Click to target and use a or s to fast scroll team. Dots on thier side match our swords so use them. :)

3. No lazing at sea less the OIC has given ye specific permission. May reslult in planking with little to no warnings.

Promotion in this crew is pretty easy. Below are the details...

Pirate- This is automatic if you're a subscriber. You will have an officer assigned to you for yer training to become officer, if that is yer goal. If not, we ask that ye sail and help stalls with yer work hours. Look to any officer or mates stats pages fer bottom listing of any privately owned stalls.

Officer: When you have been properly trained on Crew booty division,Flag politics, Ship rules, and the crew starts to know you, and when ye demonstrate that ye have the maturity and ability to run a ship, you will make officer. Fleet officer: tis all time and trust mainly fer this promotion

Senior Officer- When I really like and trust you, and your fellow SOs agree you will need the sponsorship of one existing S.O. to be considered fer promotion.

Captain: if this be yer goal, seek out Bluefinn and arrangements can then be set up to sponser ye to become a new captain of yer own crew fer hopefull memebership within the flag here itself. Titles are given as I see fit. And there are many perks to crew members.

If you'd like to join this fun loving crew, send a tell to Bluefinn or any Senior Officer.

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