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Chelito is a pirate on the Viridian Ocean. He was an important factor in creating the crews ---Fuerza Latina--- and Flota Memetica Imperial, and also helped greatly with creating the flags Latin Revolution and -Memetica-.


Current Standings

  • Senior officer in the crew -Fuerza Latina-
  • One of the best battle navigators of -Fuerza Latina-


Chelito started playing the game in the beginning of the 2006. His home port is Olive Island in the Jade Archipelago of the Viridian Ocean but he usually can be found near Lima Island.

He started his piracy career in the crew Bloody Roar under the captainship of Ltbone. He met a lot of good friends there because there were Spanish speakers within the crew. He soon gained enough experience to become an officer and received his first sloop as a present from a retired pirate named Potkin. Shortly after, he achieved the rank of senior officer.

When he met Falcus and Damayi, they soon found themselves in a good relationship. They decided to start their very own crew in the beginning of April 2006. He started as the captain of the new crew, Flota Memetica Imperial but for a lack of time to be in charge of crew's business he passed the captainship to Falcus. With the efforts of those three friends, the crew soon appeared in the top 50 crews of the ocean.

After some intern problems, the end of Flota Memetica Imperial became unfornately true. But the friendship established between the members of the crew was bigger and that result in the birth of a new crew ---Fuerza Latina---.

Chelito is well known for his abbilities at sailing. He has being seen as a top sailor in some popular elite pillages such as Delmore's. He is also recognized as a very good battle navigator within is crew.



He lives with his best mates and partners on Falcus's Estate on Olive Island where most of his flag mates' and crew mates' weddings and other special events and activities are held.


He owns a rat named Jerry and a dog named Mr. Che.


None at the moment.

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