Chachapoya-Insel (Opal)

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Favicon.png Chachapoya-Insel on the Opal Ocean
Large island in the Orion Archipelago
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Information about this island's pets is unknown.
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Chachapoya-Insel is a large island in the Orion Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Matariki-Insel, Toba-Insel and an inter-archipelago route to Anegada-Insel in the Pferdekopf Archipelago.

Natural Resources

This island spawns old man's beard, sugar cane, and stone.


On the eastern rock ridge, an Egyptian Eye tile reads: "This island were fashioned by Emerson".

Along with Quetzal-Insel, Chachapoya-Insel was one of the two original colonized Opal islands.

Current information

For a complete listing of buildings, history, and the current government of Chachapoya-Insel, please see Chachapoya-Insel_(Opal) on the German wiki.