Toba-Insel (Opal)

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Opal Ocean
Large island in the Orion Archipelago
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This island has no pets on it.
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Toba-Insel is a large island in the Orion Archipelago. There are three well-known routes to the island: one from Chachapoya-Insel, one from Pukru-Insel, and one interarchipelago route from Accompong-Insel in the Pleijaden Archipelago.

Natural Resources

This island spawns Cowslip, Stone, and Wood.


At the most northwest point of the island, an inscription on a turtle reads: “This island was fashioned by Sseth.”

The name of Toba-Insel comes from the Tobasee, which is a broad lake in the north of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, and the largest volcanic lake on the Earth.

In the Orion constellation (upon which the layout of the Orion Archipelago is based) Toba-Insel represents the star, Betelgeuse (which is also known as Beteigeuze, α Ori, α Orionis, or Alpha Orionis). Betelgeuse is the second brightest star in the constellation Orion, and the ninth brightest star in the entire night sky.

Current Information

For a complete listing of buildings, history, and the current government of Toba-Insel, please see Toba-Insel on the German wiki.