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Cbcasey has been sailing the seven seas since the summer of 2008, starting with his first crew, Xensity. While he started as a lowly cabin person, he has worked his way up to the senior officer position, with a crew of well over 150. With the departure of his amazing prior Captain Grudz and temporary absense of current Captain Poliestileno, Case took control over Xensity to attempt to bring it to greatest once again.

After a few months of struggling to survive with crewmates going dormant, Cbcasey made the tough decision to merge Xensity with current crew New Dawn Rising under the great Captain-ship of Priatecat. Case then decided to branch away and join another crew under the same great flag of League of Light, Poseidon's Tricorne.

After many months with Poseidon's Tricorne, ascending to Senior Officer and seeing the crew go through many facelifts, Case decided to join his longtime friend Cuzz, and join the crew Privateers on the Sage waters. This crew was full of many friendly and skilled pirates, and Case felt like home on Sage's number 1 crew and the number one flag, Black Flag. Case ascended the crew ranks from officer until receiving his current rank of Senior Officer in The Privateers. He is currently managing schoolwork and game life, so he is not always on as much as he wants. When he is one, he is a deadly accurate gunner, as well as a more than proficient carpenter and sailor. Just don't ask him to bilge, he is not partial to touching water.

He currently is an Senior Officer in Privateers.

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