New Dawn Rising

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New Dawn Rising at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Priatecat
Senior Officer(s) Booterken, Noushka, Sgtducky, Slo, Tekny, Validon, Scrapped
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation League of Light
Founded 24 September, 2006
Disbanded as of 20 May, 2009
Crews-New Dawn Rising.jpg

New Dawn Rising was a crew that sailed the Sage Ocean under the flag of League of Light.


New Dawn Rising was originally founded by Seawaterdrop on 5th February 2006, as A Phoenix's Song and then remade on 19th October 2007.

The crew was renamed as New Dawn Rising on 26th July 2008. Priatecat had been chosen as the new captain. The crew politics remained Oligarchic, so that the Captain leads the crew together with a close team of senior officers.

Public Statement


Our crew shares one central goal: TO HAVE FUN. Fun means different things to different people. It could be taking out an action-packed pillage, organizing and taking part in a crew or flag event, or simply lounging in your house with some mates and having a good chat.

All elements of the game can be enjoyed differently by different people and the blend of the different interests makes for an interesting and fun crew!

Crew Articles

While fun is the main aim, there are a few rules that are unavoidable, so though we hate rules, here are some:

  • The most important one: have fun yourself.
  • During pillages, please do listen to the officer in charge’s instructions. Perhaps they might not make sense at the time, but he/she does know what they are doing and their requests will hopefully make sense sooner than later.
  • This game depends on team work – a good working ship, battles, games, and so forth – so please be prepared to work in a team when asked to. Please ask if you do not know how to team in swordfight or rumble.
  • Permission to board (ptb) is very important, particularly if you see a ship with only one or two pirates on board. It might be someone memorizing league points or trading, so please ask permission. The one time where you do not need permission to board is when someone is announcing a pillage and saying all welcome. Then you may board without asking first.
  • While we are pirates, even pirates have codes of conduct. We ask you to please treat fellow crewmembers with respect and keep the crew environment fun.

Promotion Requirements

When you ask to join, please keep in mind that we always join people as cabin persons. With some exceptions for people who are well known to us, nobody will be promoted to another rank immediately. However, we do keep in mind your stats and how you fit into the crew and will promote accordingly and soon.

Cabin person:

On joining


You will need a minimum of Broad in Sails/Carp/Bilge, with standings of Distinguished in 2 out of those three and Narrow Gunning with preferably above able in that puzzle.
--Do not however gun on pillages without being granted permission to do so by the Officer in charge of the ship. Grabbing the guns without permission will result in a reprimand and repeated offences may result in demotion.--


With some exceptions for people we have known for some time, you will need to be in the crew for 3 days before promotion to Officer.
Whatever your stats, we will give you training in our crew ethics and way of doing things before promotion.
We are looking for willingness to learn, leadership skills, good handling of crewmates and jobbers and good team work.
Pirates wanting to be promoted to Officer will need to have the Battle the Brigands Mission enabled, so you will need to be Broad in Sails, Bilge, Carpentry and Gunning, plus Narrow in Duty Navigation. You will also need 8 dubs to purchase an Officer badge.
When you satisfy these conditions, please contact one of the trainers in game or by PM via the crew forum or any of the Senior Officers.

Fleet Officer:

Fleet Officers must be active in the crew (pillaging, helping in events, helping in training, helping in forums, recruiting, etc.), trusted and loyal crew members, have good piracy skills and the officer training completed. They will match harmoniously with the crew spirit and way of working.
--Any officer who is not involved enough in the crew will not get a FO promotion, and a FO that shows little involvement in the crew may be demoted.--
--Do not ask for FO promotion, when we agree on your hard work and involvement, you will get a well-earned upgrade.--
We are always on the lookout for good FOs, so we will know who you are!

Senior Officer:

You will be asked to become SO. You must be respected and trusted by the crew and captain.
--An SO knows the crew, the flag and the game well, knows about forums and ocean politics and such, and is a respected leader very consistent with the crew spirit--
--Therefore, there is no way to say “do this and achieve this and you’ll be SO”. Forget about it. If you love us and we love you, time will say.--

!!!However, any promotion is subject to demotion if the pirate fails at complying with the crew rules repeatedly. On the other hand, any crewmember that shows good hard-working and helpful attitude can be promoted without conditions on their stats.!!!

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