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Captainkris is a pirate who sails the Viridian Ocean, he's also known on the Sage Ocean as Kris. Captainkris has been the secondary captain of Chaos Legion since Thunder left for a break from Puzzle Pirates. His loyalty to his crew and great social skills have led him to become a both respected and powerful member of Puzzle Pirates.

He is a former prince of Infierno De los Diablos. After that flag disbanded, Out of the Ordinary was created.


  • 20th March 2005 - Captainkris was created.
  • 29th December 2005 - Married Sharline (now known as Poisonous) on the war frigate Wedding Luvar
  • 2nd December 2006 - Became monarch of the flag Out of the Ordinary
  • 27th April 2007 - Won a tan familiar in a Sage Ocean Drinking tournament
  • 15th July 2009 - Bought an estate on Olive Island.

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