Chaos Legion

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Chaos Legion at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Captainkris and Thunder
Senior Officer(s) Darthmike, Savageblade, Sharline
Organization Dual Captaincy
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Out of the Ordinary
Founded 27 April, 2005
Dormant as of 31 July, 2008
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Chaos Legion was a crew that sailed the Viridian Ocean that was founded by Thunder on 27 April 2005. The crew flew the flag Out of the Ordinary under the monarchy of Sharline.


Chaos Legion was founded in the year April 27, 2005 by Thunder. The crew's first flag was Pirates From Hell, then it joined Euphoria. Captainkris took over as captain and the crew was Transfered to Infierno De los Diablos. After that it was an allied crew of Requiem. Then it became the founding crew of Out of the Ordinary on 12 February 2006.

Public statement

Welcome to Chaos Legion!

Captains: Both Captainkris and Thunder are captains of this crew, if you don't follow their orders you will be expelled, that goes for all senior officers as well.

Promotion requirements

Pirate: Own a pirate badge.

Officer: You must have at least 2 Broads and the rest Narrow and also be Respected in Carpentry, Gunning, Sailing and Bilging. nce you have the requirements speak to one of the crew officer trainers and they will take you on a short pillage showing you everything you need to know.

Fleet Officer: You must be an officer in the crew for at least a week and also have renowned in Battle Navigation.

Senior Officer: You must be a Fleet Officer for at least a week and have Grand-Master in Battle Navigation.

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