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Erfan is a Dango forever, but technically she resides in The Jazzie Crew in the flag For Glory or Honor.


Erfan started playing Puzzle Pirates in April of 2005. She mainly plays Midnight Ocean, but her name is known through all oceans. Erfan can mainly be found docktarting around the Diamond archipelago. She doesn't puzzle very much and her time on the game is very little now, but you can still find her posting regularly on the Puzzle Pirate Forums.

Erfan became most famous on the forums. She became famous due to her infamous personality and questionable posts. Many dedication threads have appeared throughout the forums. Many threads are also derailed into conversation relating to Erfan. You will find most of her posts in Shore Leave.

Erfan was also a famous jockey on Shanty Radio before it was forced to shut down. Because of many listeners tuning in to listen to Erfan's rants, raves, and talks between the music, Piplicus offered her a golden ticket to give away for Booty or No Booty. This event was called Who Let Erfan on the Air?!. She also shocked listeners when she sang Happy Birthday to Leif. Many were surprised that she was able to sing and not make it sound like a bad karaoke. Once again, her dedicated thread on the forums became a popular thread which also got new listeners for the show. Because of certain legal issues Shanty Radio was forced to shut down.

In August of 2008, The Shanty Project was created in order to "stick it to the man." It features several podcasts from former Shanty Radio jockeys and new listeners. The main webpage can be found here.

Erfan has also become a real life party hit. She has attended the Pittsburgh 2007 meetup and the Dallas 2008 meetup. Following the parties, many of Erfan's actions and sayings have become catch phrases for the forums, such as her bat and "That was clearly yours." She attends smaller gatherings in her local area such as the Northern California Pirate Festival. She plans to attend more in the future, funds pending.

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