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Barrister is the captain of The Yo-Ho Yo-Yos and Minister of War of Looterati.


Contributions and Accomplishments

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Midnight Ocean

Hunter Ocean


Barrister is one of the most easily identifiable pirates in all the oceans. His garish clothing sets him apart in almost any crowd, especially when wearing his usual violet/aqua turban. Barrister sports an eyepatch due to an injury he received at Endurance III.

He originally began playing on the Midnight Ocean in its earliest days, making him one of the few beta players that never played on the original Azure Ocean. He quickly joined The Yo-Ho Yo-Yos where he rose through the ranks to become its third (and present) captain after Spinn and Jacquilynne each stepped down.

Active in flag politics, he was instrumental in negotating the return of Jorvik Island from M A D less than two weeks after Jorvik IX. Later, he was elected Looterati's fourth Prime Minister, serving the usual six-month term. During his tenure as Prime Minister, he oversaw one of the flag's most tumultuous periods in the final phase of the Scallywag War.

He keeps a fleet of ships of all sizes and colors. While they all have aqua-colored railings, no two ships have the same color sideboards and there is a ship for each paint color, including gold. The larger ships mirror Barrister's taste in clothing and his grand frigate and merchant galleon are on display in the thread When Good Art Goes Bad.

Barrister was one of the players to help start the unofficial Puzzle Pirates wiki. When it migrated to its current official location, he became one of the first batch of player administrators.

These days, he spends most of his time in-game playing poker, having won over a million PoE in the first six weeks after its release. He uses his winnings to pay for wiki experiments, mostly involving decay rates and portrait items.

Barrister occasionally plays as Insomniac on non-Midnight oceans. Even less frequently, he can be spotted as Shyster. Those pirates do not share Barrister's distinctive fashion sense.

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