Release 2006-02-02

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Poker yer Eyes Out

From the Release Notes:
  • The snow has melted.
  • Poker is now available as a game in the inn and in yer home with the Poker Table furniture.
  • New Limited Edition Portrait background - Sky's Winter Aurora.
  • New Holiday Limited Edition Portrait background - Valentine's Day Swan.
  • Rings and Valentine's Day gifts are now available in the Palace Shoppe.
  • Building and Vessel logs can now be highlighted for copying and pasting.
  • Made flag chat types look more distinct: now every chat has a unique color/shape combination.
  • More sparkles have been added to sailing.
  • Chat now shows system messages about pieces of eight with graphical icon.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Cabin people will get proper booty division on doubloon servers.
    • When merging crews with jobbing pirates from either crew in the merge, the client should now show the proper crew and rank after the merge.
    • Joining a new crew if you were the last member of your old crew will no longer leave you crewless.
    • Setting home island will now work in the port interface.
    • Server should always restart properly after a reboot.
    • Badges can no longer accidentally be bought twice.
    • Tournament participants on intro missions do not delay the tournament due to help screens.
    • Duty Puzzles should always give credit for work performed.