The Yo-Ho Yo-Yos

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The Yo-Ho Yo-Yos at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Barrister
Senior Officer(s) Alie, Aramance, Donquevegas, Jacquilynne, Jammer, Janthina, Pokey, Sal, Spinn, Tamsin, Tavis, Ween
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Looterati
Merged into Looterati as of 31 August, 2008
Favicon.png Crew Info

The Yo-Ho Yo-Yos was once a crew on the Midnight Ocean. However, this crew has since merged with several other crews to form the new crew, 'Looterati'.


The Yo-Ho Yo-Yos', or 'YHY', as they were also known, were one of the oldest crews on the Midnight Ocean. Originally from the Azure Ocean, the Midnight incarnation of 'YHY' was founded by Spinn on October 27, 2003. In its lifetime, 'YHY' had only three captains: Spinn, Jacquilynne, and Barrister. Each of them also served time as the Prime Minister (Monarch) of the flag, 'Looterati'.

'YHY' had a reputation for being one of the easiest crews to spot on the docks. This is because the crew's official colors were "garish." Although compliance is voluntary, crew members are encouraged to wear loud colors that clash violently.

After the colonization of Jorvik Island, Looterati built a weavery for the crew, named 'Citizen Skein', which has since been sold to another Looterati flagmate, Kmf.

During August 2008 The Yo-Ho Yo-Yos merged with three fellow Looterati crews, 'Far Too Jolly Rogers', the 'Day Traders' and 'Looterarmy', to become a new crew. This new crew was called 'Looterati', and still sailed under the flag of 'Looterati'.

Public Statement

(All) Ohhhhhhhhh...
We pillage and forage and forage and pillage
We steal all your treasure and burn down your village
(First pirate) We divy the booty
(Second pirate) The jobbers get some
(Spinn) And I keep a fifth to buy cannon and rum

(All) Ohhhhhhhhh...
We forage and pillage and pillage and forage
We chop down the wood and we throw it in storage
(Third pirate) We sell with a markup
(Fourth pirate) And buy it at cost
(Angry shopkeeper) I can't even count all the money I've lost

(All) Yo! Ho! Yo! Yo! Arr! Harr! Harrrrrr! (drink)

Ahoy, mateys! If ye are a competent fighter who knows what 3v1 means, have a sense of humor, and don't spout obnoxious sewage at your crewmates, ye're welcome aboard! Light filing, dictation, ability to load four guns in 60 seconds a plus.

The YHY are a fine, independent bunch o' folks. We'll help ye reach yer goals or leave ye to yerself, whichever ye prefer.

P.S. Last Pirate Standing bonus! If we win a battle where ye're the last one standing, you'll get double booty!

P.P.S.: Yes, ye're. Don't make me plank you.