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Azlar is a senior officer in the crew Alere flammam Veritatis which flies the flag of Veracious Tenacity on the Midnight Ocean.


Current Status

After taking a 18 month break from the piratey life, Azlar has seen his wife give birth to a beautiful daughter and son completing the family as such

however, still having sealegs Azlar returned to the world of rough life in YPP

A footnote from Azlar himself: "dont take a break for 18 months and expect your standings to be rising when you pick up puzzling again, you will not get 100% incredible's"

Special Trinkets

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To Azlar, Welcome to Senior Leadership in Villains of the Amazon, your cpt Chandani
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Awarded for reaching Sublime/Ultimate in Planking and Clearing out some newbs in the crew :P (from Harbo)
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Brigand King Trinkets

Current Vessels

Ocean   Type Name
Midnight Sloop dock.png  Sloop VOC Batavia

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