Astute Tentacle Mariners

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Astute Tentacle Mariners at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Klondor of Certifiable Cephalopods
Member crew(s) Certifiable Cephalopods, davy jones locker, Guardians of the Sea, INTRUDERS OF SEA, king of roach's, TMI
Founded 1 January, 2007
Dormant or disbanded as of 16 February, 2012
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Astute Tentacle Mariners was a flag which was founded on the Sage Ocean by Klondor on January 1, 2007.

Public Statement

Astute - clever; cunning; ingenious; shrewd

Tentacle - We have our tentacles in everything

Mariners - of the seas

Flag Forum: Our Flag Forum can be found at

Please ask Klondor about joining this flag. We are a serious flag with serious goals. But we also have serious fun.


Amity IV, 2007-01-27: Astute Tentacle Mariners took control of Amity from Candy Coated Chaos in a four round non-sinking blockade.

Amity V, 2007-02-24: Passive Aggression took control of Amity from Astute Tentacle Mariners in a three round non-sinking blockade.

Ventress V: 2007-03-31 Astute Tentacle Mariners recolonized Ventress in a four-round sinking blockade against Legends of Sage and Allied Saruyama Forces

Ventress VI: 2007-04-14 Astute Tentacle Mariners successfully defended the island against Allied Saruyama Forces in a four round non-sinking blockade.

Ventress VII: 2007-10-7 Admiral Finius took control of the island in a three-round sinking blockade.

Blockades at a Glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 27 January 2007 Amity IV Attacking No Candy Coated Chaos vs. Astute Tentacle Mariners 1:3 Won island
2 24 February 2007 Amity V Defending No Astute Tentacle Mariners vs. Passive Aggression 0:3 Lost island
3 31 March 2007 Ventress V Attacking Yes None vs. Legends of Sage, Allied Saruyama Forces, Astute Tentacle Mariners 0:0:1:3 Won island

4 14 April 2007 Ventress VI Defending No Astute Tentacle Mariners vs. Allied Saruyama Forces 3:1 Defended island
5 16 June 2007 Kasidim IV Attacking No Tea and Strumpets vs. Astute Tentacle Mariners, The Government 3:1:0 Didn't win island
6 7 October 2007 Ventress VII Defending Yes Astute Tentacle Mariners vs. Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness 0:3 Lost island