Shadows of Pirates

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Shadows of Pirates at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Monarch Lildylking of Pirate's Soul
Member crew(s) The Mystery Fleet, Rockin Z's, The Black Revengers, Souls Reapin Skulls
Dormant or disbanded as of 12 October, 2006

Shadows of Pirates is a flag on the Hunter Ocean. It was founded on August 7, 2006 by Atlantica.


  • Minister of Events - Bark
  • Misister of Recruitment Everyone!
  • Minister of Allies Atlantica
  • Minister of War Lildylking
  • Minister of HAWTNESS Teehee

Offical Blockade Crew

(Non dormant)

  • Senior Officer Lildylking
  • Senior Officer Lilmart
  • Fleet Officer Lildyl
  • Officer Jondler
  • Cabin Person Kerryking

Members of Interest

  • King Lildylking - Monarch
  • Princess Atlantica
  • Prince Bark
  • Prince Msmafia
  • Prince Shruikan
  • Prince Soulreaper


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