Arsenic and Black Lace

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Arsenic and Black Lace
Left-facing Tailor (upgraded) on
Sakejima Island (Jade Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Cybrpyro
Manager(s) Fruitman, Nautegal, Peekaboo, Zoeymac, Nomal
Erected January 2006
Building-Cerulean-Arsenic and Black Lace.png

Arsenic and Black Lace is the tailor shoppe on Sakejima Island on the Cerulean Ocean. Lakiki won it in the Tailor Shoppe giveaway contest run by Deathdemon. The contest was who could design the best new article of clothing. Lakiki then sold the building to Cybrpyro, who is the current owner.

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