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Amazin is a pirate on the Meridian Ocean.



Amazin started playing on the Viridian Ocean several years ago. When the oceans of Malachite and Viridian merged to create the Meridian Ocean, Amazin continued to play on the newly merged ocean. Amazin's best friend has always been her cute little rat pet, whom she named Astoundin. Amazin's favorite pass-times include sea monster hunting, and playing games at the inn. She also likes the sailing duty puzzle.

Amazin has been a member of the crew Hell Avengers for several years now. When Amazin joined Hell Avengers, she thought that she would really like to get her experience levels up, so that she could be promoted to the rank of officer in her crew, and run pillages. She achieved this goal in August, 2009, and exceeded this goal in November, 2009 when she was made a fleet officer. Amazin has also recently become a titled member in her flag, Jewelled Seas.

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