All Ocean Memorization Spreadsheet

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The All Ocean Memorization Spreadsheet is a Google Sheets spreadsheet to help users keep track of how many of the various oceans' league points they have memorized. Current oceans in the spreadsheet are Cerulean, Emerald, Ice, Jade, Meridian, and Opal.

Click here for a link to the Google Sheet of the most recent version. From there, you can create your own Google Sheet or download the spreadsheet in the format of your choice.

Previous Versions

Click here to download a previous version of the spreadsheet (it doesn't contain the portrait item logic or the pretty formatting).

Click here to download a previous version of the spreadsheet, which includes legacy oceans Cobalt, Hunter, Malachite, Midnight, Sage and Viridian; merged oceans Meridian, Emerald and Cerulean; international ocean Opal; and test ocean Ice.


The spreadsheet format and the Cobalt/Viridian and Sage maps were designed by Kerix. The merged oceans, Cerulean, Meridian, and Emerald were created by Aarghbird. The other ocean maps and the summary page were developed by Kargach. Jade Ocean (from Sage template) and archipelago labels added, and obsolete oceans pruned, by Vortexae. The portrait item logic and fancy formatting were added by Jamesh.