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Wildeyedjack started playing on June 23rd, 2002 making this pirate an Alpha tester. He sails the Midnight Ocean as a senior officer and damsel in the crew Black Death, under the flag Bathrobe Army.



Back in the days when the next update was called underpants, a pirate called Wildeyedjack strolled onto the Alpha dock. As a young pirate he did not know how to play the game. But was soon taken in by the mad mutineers, for a day.

On his second day Wildeyedjack met a fine pirate called Ursela. She was suitably skilled with the blade and convinced him to join The Dastards. He was a happy pirate and soon many fellow Welsh mates joined the ranks of Y!PP.

Then one fateful day, mutiny occurred. Ava, Liege, Jander, Hanzii and Wildeyedjack left the Dastards and formed the Dastardly Dragons. Jack could often be found wagering as much as 10k (the amount of a brig) with Liege over a friendly swordfight.

During Wildeyedjack's time he saw many a change made to the game, his favourite change being the addition of swords and being given a free short sword to beat up Silverbeard, although Silver soon got him back. The worst addition Wildeyedjack had seen, was not so much an addition as a loss, the loss of the wonderful place, Alpha beach, where on many a night he and his mates could be seen drinking round the rum barrel.

Wildeyedjack eventually rose to become captain of the Dragons, and helped his mate Vixen (and the Black Widows) build Tinga Island, where he ran a bank and for a short time a tailor.

One of Wildeyedjack's favourite moments of Azure was beating a red brig, the biggest ship at the time, with only himself and Vixen.


During Wildeyedjack's time on Midnight, he has seen many events come and go. Here are just a few highlights as a balance to his longer Azure history.

He joined a new crew, the captain being Onyx with two of her right hand men being Llama and Flufflycloud. The crew joined a flag called Nyx's Scions, however this didn't go so well, so they formed a new flag with Rifkind where he stayed for a while.

Wildeyedjack became a decent sword fighter, and some people noticed he could hold a sword with the pointy end to the opponent. He was approached by someone, who shall remain nameless, to join a crew called Black Death.

Over a period of six to seven months, Wildeyedjack finally came to a decision to leave the crew he had spent most of his (largely unknown) Y!PP career with. Once joining Black Death he made many friends, some he liked to spar with in a swordfight, others verbally.

In more recent times Wildeyedjack has met an infamous German pirate named Edea and he has recently been promoted to captain of Black Death.

He still welcomes all swordfight challenges.