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Triggster is the captain of the crew Trigonometry and a member of the flag RiddleMakers.

Contributions and Awards


Triggster began his pirate career on Midnight during the seven day trial period. At the end of the trial he learned about the new doubloon ocean released which was Viridian He then joined the crew Dragons Horde.

He stayed in that crew for a while before leaving to start his own crew with Branflakes, Foil and Hypnotoad named Toad Ticklers INC. After a while he returned to his original crew Dragon Horde. Soon after that he was offered a well established crew called the Black Pearl which he then later renamed You sunk my Battleship.

Once again he returned to his original crew Dragons Horde. He then left the crew again to join Encore and soon became captain. He then finally merged the crew into Dragons Of Oblivion where he became Senior Officer. All during this time he has stayed in the flag RiddleMakers and showed loyalty.

Triggster is also known for his many stalls and shoppes. He currently owns two shoppes and many stalls. During his time on the ocean he spent most of his time trading rather than pillaging.

During the July familiar auctions Triggster successfully managed to place the high bid for a familiar. He then won a grey/maroon parrot for his high bid. He named the parrot Monty.

During the October familiar auctions a 'Dutch' auction was ran by Bia. Triggster won an unnamed tan/grey parrot by placing a bid of 900,001.

Triggster then stood down as a royal due to not having enough time within the game.