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Important.gif The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.

The tip of the day is shown to a pirate on the home page when he or she logs in. The tip is selected randomly on each login.

Known tips


  • Welcome aboard! Click one of the missions to get yer feet wet! They're the best way to start, and may earn ye booty!

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  • Ask first. Agree that yer trading or dueling before ye click yer friend. Just showing up with yer hand out's impolite.
  • Being Captain takes experience. Join a crew first, and rise to Officer. Knowing how to run pillages will make ye a much better Captain.
  • Bid Tickets are tickets to buy goods at island markets. Ye have to be an officer or manager to deliver the goods.
  • Booty! The best way to earn it is to take pillaging jobs from the "pillaging" tab. Also, click 'Help Wanted' in shoppes fer a land wage.
  • Clothing Care: Buy a wardrobe fer yer home! Keep yer unused clothes in it to spare 'em the wear and tear of pirate life!
  • Crew Shares: Be sure to check a crew's payout setup in their Crew Info. Some crews pay jobbers a higher cut than others!
  • Don't be a jackanapes! Treat yer fellow pirate with respect. If someone's misbehaving, type /complain to report the guttersnipe.
  • Don't beg! Ye play fun games to earn yer money here. Ye'll make much more at the puzzles than ye will annoying people.
  • Don't give out yer info. We won't ever need yer password. Anybody asking for it is a thief. Report them with /complain.
  • Everything ye ever wanted to know about Puzzle Pirates can be found at the YPPedia. Including a list of all these tips!
  • Fair Barter: Only check ready when what you want is in the box. If it's not in the box, you won't get it.
  • Fruity Forage: At uncolonized islands, be sure to forage fer some fruit to sell on yer return! Just click the hold to forage.
  • Make yer labor count! If ye have a shoppe job, click yer 'Info' button in the 'Ye' panel to see if they're using yer work!
  • Monkeys, Parrots and Octopi! Familiars can be won in in special contests. Click the 'Events' tab to see any upcoming contests!
  • Official Intervention: To petition the Ocean Masters (moderators) fer help, click the 'Help' button in the 'Ye' panel.
  • Paint yer house! Buy a paintbrush at the apothecary and click it in yer house. Ye'll buy the paint straight from the store.
  • Pillaging! Even if yer crew's not on ye can always job temporarily with another. Check the 'Pillaging' tab to see who's at sea!
  • There be no place like home. And ye can always get there from anywhere by clicking the 'To home' button on the 'Ye' tab.
  • X marks the spot! Click the island map in the upper right corner. Ye can click to get to any building on the island from there.