The Grog Guzzlers

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The Grog Guzzlers at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Blueisland
Senior Officer(s) Cecilla, Hitsline, Ladyeve, Tyteewytee
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Booze Crew
Founded 21 April, 2007
Last updated on 17 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info
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The Grog Guzzlers is a crew which was created by Steeldrummer. They are present on the Meridian Ocean and hope to one day become a top crew in the game. They were created on April 21, 2007.

Public Statement

Ahoy there, this be the information page o' the fantastic crew, The Grog Guzzlers. We're a bunch o' fun loving pirates who pillage often and are expanding daily. Send any of the officers a tell if you wish to become a part o' this awesome crew o' drunks!

Extended Public Statement

Ahoy there!

This crew be a bunch o' heavy pillagers that love to pillage and will always be up for the chance to pillage and plunder. If you think you like the same things come on in on a pillage or ask an officer if ye can join. we always welcome ye, no matter how long you stay.

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If ye wish to see the crew house, it be Tyteewytee's row house on lima. send Steeldrummer, Tyteewytee, or Minigurl a tell if you wish to see it, because a room mate has to be present in order for someone to enter it.

Rules for Pillaging

  1. We do believe in Permission To Board (PTB) but only for sloops. The only reason this exists in our crew is because some people will want to be on a sloop alone, whether they are trading or just doing it for fun, sometimes they do not wish to have accompaniment. So unless the officer publicly states on crew chat that he is sailing, please, before you board a sloop, say in crew chat, "PTB (ship name)" and wait for the Officer In Charge (OIC) to reply "Granted". If you do disobey this rule, you will be asked to leave the ship if unwanted, and if you refuse to leave you may find yerself swimming.
  2. Do not ask to do anything on a ship but Sailing, Carpentry or Bilging. For these three stations no orders are necessary, therefore an ask is also unnecessary. Please pirates, do not gun unless asked to do so, we may not need ye on because someone better may be around. Therefore, the OIC will order the job of gunning and navigation if such an order is wanted.
  3. Do not litter the OIC with tells. They are fully capable of planking you, and if you further annoy them, they can mute you, so save yourself trouble and leave the questions for the port unless it is absolutely necessary.
  4. We do not allow challenges or trades while a ship is in motion. This takes time out of your time that you should be on a station. If an officer manages to see you doing one of these you will be planked without warning.
  5. Please do not leave in the midst of a battle either. If you leave any time between the engaging of battle and the last person knocked out your booty will be subtracted.

Promotion Requirements

All pirates start off as pirates. If you wish to be promoted, here are the guidelines:

  • Cabin person: What do you mean cabin person? Cabin person is a disgrace and no such thing shall exist in me crew! That is, unless ye have been a bad pirate... Har!
  • Pirate: Just ask, this is the automatic rank that you become upon entry. Although ye are a pirate, this is not an invite to gun at any time. You will still take orders as though you were a cabin person, but this way you have a more prestigious rank. If a mate with this rank does not fulfill this position, the captain will have the right to award someone the rank of cabin person.
  • Officer: The captain has the right to promote anyone he wishes to officer. Although, other Fleet Officers and above will be able to propose the promotions to be voted upon. To be considered you must have Sailing, Carpentry, Bilging, Gunning, and duty navigation all up to broad or higher and have battle navigation to narrow. The captain may bypass these rules on some occasions.
  • Fleet officer: In order to gain this rank, you must be trusted by nearly all of the Senior Officers. You need to still fit the Officer description, but gain some trust too.
  • Senior officer: Voted in by all the other Senior Officers and must be trusted by everyone to be one of the leaders of the crew. Only the captain may make this proposal.