Silver Dragons

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Silver Dragons at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Esaidra
Senior Officer(s) Blackcaspian, Dah, Dragonlords, Loui, Patchaye, Perin
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Dragon Lords
Founded 4 April, 2005
Last updated on 2 March, 2012
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The Silver Dragons are one of Meridian's (ex-Viridian) oldest crews to have one captain since its founding on April 4 2005. Although the crew went through a long apolitical period avoiding blockades or wars, it is possibly one of the most skilled crews with their high officer requirements.

Silver Dragons went through a turbulent but highly successful early stage, growing rapidly in strength in the flag Fear and Loathing under its monarch Subliminal. The crew participated in several wars and served under Subliminal's blockade crew in a number of Fear and Loathing actions, including Olive IV and Olive V and the protracted war with Infierno De los Diablos in the summer of 2005. Silver Dragons broke with Subliminal when he decided Fear and Loathing would join The Borg without consulting all member captains.

Following the Borg incident, Silver Dragons was a founding member of one of the ocean's top 20 flags. Diutina Amicitia was once ranked number 12 amongst all of the flags. This flag as soon as it had come to power started debating a blockade of Viridis Island which came to be their downfall. With so much arguing, the flag fell apart before it even dropped a warchest. Many of the crews left the ocean and moved to Sage. The Silver Dragons determined at that time to create their own flag Dragon Lords and kept a low profile in politics for nearly a year.

That state of affairs began to change in late 2006 when Silver Dragons' senior officer Esaidra became monarch of Dragon Lords, taking over flag politics so that Cristo could concentrate on internal crew matters. Silver Dragons became the lead and blockading crew of a multiple crew flag again and began courting allies once more. By the end of November 2006 Esaidra had closed a deal for control of Viridis Island, where the Dragon Lords would go on to take full control with the help of a highly improbable collection of friends and allies in Viridis XVIII.

Crew articles

We welcome all jobbers to work for us, and promise fun, friends, and boatloads of PoE! However, we ask that you read our crew rules:

  1. Always follow the orders of our officers. We reserve the right to plank for lazing, refusal to change stations, or sleeping aboard the ship.
  2. While we're always happy to help and answer your questions, begging is not tolerated. If you ask something and get no answer, assume that the answer is no.
  3. Leaving without warning, especially during battle, costs everyone PoE and aggravation. You must let the officer in charge know before you leave, so that they can find a replacement. Jobbers' pay will be docked for leaving in battle without warning. Crewmembers repeatedly leaving without warning may be demoted or expelled.
  4. Ships with only 1 or 2 pirates at sea are generally merchant or memorization runs, not pillages. Before boarding one, you must ask "PTB (Permission to Board) [ship name]." If you get no response, wait or ask again later. Failure to follow this rule will generally result in planking.
  5. To join as a permanent member of Silver Dragons, simply ask an Officer in port, after the pillage is over and the booty divided! Requests to join the crew while at sea will be denied. We offer immediate promotion to pirate for those with the pirate badge. Just contact an officer to be promoted!
  6. Promotion to officer ranks requires a standing of at least Master in three duty stations, plus some experience at battle navigation. You must also have been in the crew for at least two weeks.

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