Silver Dawn

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Silver Dawn at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Alucarda of Runnin Free
Member crew(s) Dragon Marauders, No Rules- just Booty, Roundhouse Rum Runners, Runnin Free, Silver Armada, The Undead Legion
Organization Republic
Founded 23 December, 2003
dormant as of 27 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info
The Colours of Silver Dawn

Silver Dawn was a large, active flag on the Midnight Ocean. It currently consists of nine crews and once controlled Cleopatra's Pearls in the Pearl Archipelago. Its member crews are very diverse in scope, running the gamut from straight merchants to straight pillagers, with all the shades of grey between.

Formed on December 23, 2003, Silver Dawn was the result of the merger of Sanctioned Insanity and Compass Rose, two flags whose histories date back to Azure.


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Silver Dawn is governed by a royalty council, with one representative for each crew; the representatives are chosen by each crew independently. The monarch is the chair of the council and is chosen in an election by the whole flag. The monarch also appoints heads to the various offices of the monarch's cabinet, each office having a different duty. Titled members are chosen by the royalty council in recognition of a flag member's service to the flag. Governors of islands that Silver Dawn holds are chosen in general elections.


Main article: Silver Dawn/History

After the merger which formed Silver Dawn in 2003, the flag began to prepare for colonization of an island, eventually deciding on Eta Island as its target. This selection led to the formation of RAWR, an alliance of those holding or desiring islands in the Ruby Archipelago. In July 2004, Silver Dawn successfully colonized the island, and began to develop it.

In March 2005, the conflict now known as the Scallywag War began, and involved the flag in blockades on Eta and neighboring Jorvik Island against the flag Scallywag Syndicate. Silver Dawn ultimately retained control of Eta, and began a long period of peacetime.

The flag Heartless Shadows was invited to merge into Silver Dawn in July 2006, and with it they brought the island Cleopatra's Pearls. After the two flags declared intent to transfer the island to Silver Dawn, Notorious Fandango dropped a war chest, requiring Silver Dawn to fight for the island. Soon after, Black Sheep Brigade attacked Eta, which was successfully defended. However, Notorious Fandango came for Eta in October, setting off a succession of blockades which caused Silver Dawn to ultimately lose Eta to Dies Irae.

Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 24 July 2004 Eta I Attacking precolonized yes none vs. Silver Dawn 0:7 Won island
2 9 November 2004 Eta II Defending colonized yes Silver Dawn vs. Silver Dusk , Merciless Exploit of War 0:0:7 Defended island
3 1 May 2005 Eta III Defending colonized yes Merciless Exploit of War vs. Scallywag Syndicate 0:3 Lost island
4 8 May 2005 Eta IV Attacking colonized yes Scallywag Syndicate vs. Silver Dawn 1:3 Won island
5 22 October 2005 Jorvik XI Event blockade no Death's Banner vs. Silver Dawn 1:3 Didn't win island
6 13 August 2006 Cleo V Attacking colonized yes (rounds 2 & 3) Heartless Shadows vs. Silver Dawn , Notorious Fandango 0:3:0 Won island
7 20 August 2006 Eta V Defending colonized no Silver Dawn vs. Black Sheep Brigade 3:1 Defended island
8 29 October 2006 Eta VI Defending colonized no Silver Dawn vs. Notorious Fandango 2:3 Lost island
9 5 November 2006 Eta VII Attacking colonized yes Notorious Fandango vs. Silver Dawn 1:3 Won island
10 11 November 2006 Eta VIII Defending colonized yes Silver Dawn vs. Dies Irae , Notorious Fandango 2:3:0 Lost island
11 10 March 2007 Cleo VI Defending colonized no Silver Dawn vs. Incredible 3:1 Defended island

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