Compass Rose

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For the palace on the Midnight Ocean, see Compass Rose (building).
Compass Rose at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Selbstlade of The Cartographers
Member crew(s) The Cartographers, Travellers, Faol Fairge, Shadowlink
Dormant or disbanded as of 23 December, 2003

Compass Rose consisted of The Cartographers and the Travellers as their most active crews and also included the crew Faol Fairge. Another crew, Shadowlink, was also in Compass Rose, but disbanded when the founders of the Ransack Marauders struck out on their own.

Compass Rose merged with Sanctioned Insanity on December 23, 2003, to form the flag Silver Dawn.


Compass Rose was formed mere days before the Azure was closed to open Midnight. Two crews of the flag Olympians, the Catrographers and the Titanic Mu-Mu Pirates, had recently merged, under the assumption that they would still receive two shoppes on the Olympians' claimed land, the Islay of Luthien. It was not to be so, and in protest, the merged Cartographers left the Olympians, striking out on their own while flying the newly-formed colours of Compass Rose.


At the dawn of Midnight, The Cartographers re-formed, and once again flew the flag of Compass Rose. They remained a one-crew flag for some time, until a young Diamondblade, captain of the Travellers, met Emmy who convinced him to join up with the fledgling flag.

Diamondblade brought not only his crew, but a friendship with the mates of Faol Fairge, another crew that signed up to fly the colours of Compass Rose.

A little later, two mates named Plasmalink and Ironfisted left the Cartographers to form the crew Shadowlink, which was rapidly welcomed into Compass Rose as the fourth crew.

During this time of growth, the Cartographers purchased a distillery (Make Rum Not War, MRNW), and joined with the Travellers in purhasing an iron monger (Steel In Business, SIB) on Epsilon. They had made much PoE (and a few enemies) by learning the spawn timing pattern of rare minerals (at the time, thorianite). Choto, of the Cartographers, was a tremendous trader who provieded a great deal of the money for these purchases, and fully stocked their new iron monger.

Compass Rose had also been building ties with some other flags, most notably Sanctioned Insanity. This relationship had developed to the poin where the two flags agreed to pool funds to bid on shoppes. Compass Rose loaned Sanctioned Insanity enough poe to make an ulimately unsuccessful bid on the final Epsilon weavery in exchange for SI's return of the poe plus some interest. Despite this setback, the two flags continued to pillage and pool PoE. The joint effort produced about 680,000 PoE which formed a successful bid for a weavery on Guava Island (Bobbin' Along). Emmy held the deed and a young Buckley was installed as a manager in training.

At that point, Ironfisted and several of the other most active members of Shadowlink, including Calicohydro, Chihiro, and Shark, set out on their own to found a new crew, the Ransack Marauders. Because they were the most active of Shadowlink, that crew effectively died with their departure. The Marauders did not immediately rejoin Compass Rose.

The ties between Sanctioned Insanity and Compass Rose grew closer and closer, until Diven, king of Sanctioned Insanity, and Emmy, a royal of Compass Rose, began to discuss merging their two flags together. Once negotiations were complete, the two flags were honourably retired, and ships of both hoisted the colours of Silver Dawn on December 23, 2003.