Roundhouse Rum Runners

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Roundhouse Rum Runners at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Christos
Senior Officer(s) Kaizoku
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Silver Dawn
Founded 4 January, 2004
Dormant or disbanded as of 13 January, 2007

Roundhouse Rum Runners is a crew of the Midnight Ocean. it was founded on 4 January 2004.


Based in Emerald, the Roundhouse Rum Runners have been around for many ages, since Midnight was in its beginning months. They started as a very small crew and bought many ships, and they tracked prices at each of the docks (both in Emerald and Diamond). Buying and selling for a profit made them a fair amount of POE. Once stalls came about, they started several distilleries and iron mongers. Since then, the crew has lost many of its original members, but they are always looking for new recruits, including a new first mate! Christos currently has his eye on a couple of mates.

Currently, they own a distillery stall on Gaea Island, and run many pillaging missions as they run rum and other commods around the area.

Public statement

RRR's logo.

We are the Runners of Rum, and what ever other cargo you wish. Our aim is to set up trade routes between islands, Currently we own several Sloops, a Cutter and a Merchant Brig. We run Pillaging missions now and then, but are mainly researching trade. We are all about having fun, but we like to win as well.


Jobber to Cabin Person: Contact an Officer if you wish to Join us.

Cabin Person to Pirate: Subscribe to the game. Be an active member of our crew. Prove that you can follow orders. Sailing, Bilging and Carpentry skill experience a plus. Recruiting new members will help with this Promotion.

Pirate to Officer: Donate 10,000 Poe to the crew. Have Broad in two of the three duty puzzles. Prove you are trustworthy and understand Ship Management. Captain's discretion.

Officer to Senior Officer: Captain's discretion.

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