No Rules- just Booty

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No Rules- just Booty at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Dreadjobywan
Senior Officer(s) Boomalicious, Busky, Danyka , Furey, Grrang, Kikibird, Mined, Wraith
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Silver Dawn
Founded 19 January, 2005
Dormant as of 30 May, 2007
Favicon.png Crew Info

No Rules- just Booty was founded on January 19, 2005 on the Midnight Ocean. The crew was formerly part of the flag Twilight Marauders, and later joined Silver Dawn on February 16, 2005.

Public Statement

Welcome to the crew No Rules - Just Booty. We be a proud crew of the Flag of Silver Dawn!

If ye be looking for a fun but relaxed crew under an awesome flag we be the crew for U!!!!

We be looking for pirates and officers!

Anyone who is currently and officer but looking for a new crew please contact Dreadjobywan, Kikibird, or Denimgirl.

Got good stats but cant seem to make officer? Join us we are looking for a few good pirates to train as officers and help us grow our crew into a large and friendly group!!!!!! Just remember that to be an officer ye must be a subscriber!!!

Our name says it all really...join us or job with us, but you will always have a great time!!!!

We welcome players of all ages, nationalities and genders. Respect of our fellow mates is of upmost importance to us all , and is expected of our friends, allies and jobbers...

Rules for making Officer are as follows... 1-. If ye have enough POE for a can sail her. 2-. If ye have good stats and the captain agrees then you will make officer even if you dont have a ship! If you would like any more training than the game requires you to have to drive a ship, the Captain will be more than happy to train ye.

Rules for making Senior officer are: Captains discretion...Only the Cpt. can assign a new Senior Officer and must have a majority of existing S O approval...

Our crew colors are what ever ye like....

Our crew song is whatever ye like to hum to yerself while doin yer job...

If you would like to join this crew and be left alone to do what ye like...pillage as ye like...with little interference from the Captain..send on us a tell!!!

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