Sanctioned Insanity

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Sanctioned Insanity at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Diven of The Yellow Turbans
Member crew(s) Red Shift, The Yellow Turbans, Black Opal, Sprites d'Azure
Dormant or disbanded as of 23 December, 2003

Sanctioned Insanity was a flag on both the Azure and Midnight Oceans. Sanctioned Insanity's sole monarch was Diven.


Ostensibly a split from Old Spice, Sanctioned Insanity was formed in the days of the public beta on Azure. Its initial crews were Red Shift and Yellow Turbans, followed shortly thereafter by Black Opal and Sprites d'Azure.

Since blockades were not implemented during beta, islands were distributed via auction. Sanctioned Insanity won the last of the last round of auctions, securing Endurance, in the Opal Archipelago.


When beta ended, Sanctioned Insanity made the switch to Midnight with all her crews, if not all her pirates. With Endurance now closed, SI's crews rehomed to their original port, Epsilon.

Sanctioned Insanity had owned Endurance in Azure. Once Midnight arrived, it was clear that island ownership would again be the primary goal for the flag. Sanctioned Insanity included the crews of Black Opal (BO) and The Yellow Turbans (YT) as their most active crews, and also included The Sprites d'Azure, Death or Glory, and the Unmanagables.

At this time, shoppes were purchased via auction from the Ringers, as colonization and the related shop-building mechanisms were not yet implemented. As a flag, they pillaged heavily, and gathered enough PoE to purchase Wear to Begin (WTB), a tailor on Epsilon Island. Once WTB was purchased, Quiglin of YT and Whoisyou of BO were quickly installed as the managers.

The collaboration with the flag Compass Rose in these auctions began began a relationship between the two flags, and in December, 2003, their monarchs (Diven and Emmy) began to talk of merging. On December 23, 2003, that merge happened, forming the flag Silver Dawn. More information on the collaboration of SI and CR as well as the merger process can be found at Silver Dawn's entry.