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Shadowboy was once a pirate on the Sage Ocean. However, his character has since gone dormant, or has been deleted.



Shadowboy was a young lad who started his carrer with the crew 'Cider Drinkers' of the flag 'Army Of Darkness'. He went up the rank to officer. One day he decided to leave to join other crews, and to learn what they knew. He then went to another crew, with the captain Coleanton. This crew was also in the flag 'Army of Darkness'. Shadowboy made good friends with Wonderpope, the captain and Microdot.

Later, Microdot asked Shadowboy if he wanted to be a manager at his shipbuilding stall, and Shadowboy accepted it. Shadowboy was new, so he asked a lot of questions. Oneday, Microdot took all the stuff out of the stall, and left it to Shadowboy to run it. Knowing that he was very poor, and didn't know what to do, Shadowboy just let the stall close.

Shadowboy then looked for another crew. Oneday, he took a job with the crew 'Shadows of the Abyss'. He made more friends, like captain, Grudz, and Barbarbetty, Drudz, Daan, and Cptstoney. About a month or so after that, Grudz declared that 'Army of Darkness' would go into war with the 'The Avengers'. They lost the first blockade, but they tried again, and stole 'Spaniel Island' from 'The Avengers' (although, 'The Avengers' soon went back to war, and won the island back).

After that, the crew fell apart, so Drudz - Grudz's first mate, started a crew. Soon Shadowboy, Barbarbetty, and some other crew members joined Drudz's crew, which was called 'Guardians of Honour'. Grudz got really mad, and thought it was a mutiny. Shadowboy made his way up to the rank of fleet officer in this crew. However, he later left, and joined another of his friends' crews, 'Elite Privateers', where he met the dashing captain Emanuella (otherwise known as Emma). Shadowboy rose through the ranks to become a Highly Trusted Advisor, and senior officer. Oneday, Shadowboy decided that he could help the crew more by doing fundraisers. As he did, he was titled to Treasurer. Last anyone heard, Shadowboy (with help from the crew and captain) had raised over 200k.

Before his deletion from the Sage Ocean, Shadowboy was the proud owner of the war frigate 'Hard Headed-Barbel', and the war brig 'Alone Muskellunge'. He had also previously owned another war brig, which was named 'Innocent Trout'.

Shadowboy's Message

"Cheers to Vortexes my best friend and brother in Puzzle pirates and to Robman a good captain who gave me a lot of knowledge of B naving. RIP"