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Originally washing up on the shores of Midnight Ocean in the Spring of 2004 under the name Drjekyll, Bnavver moved to the Cobalt Ocean with it's opening in 2005. After forming the crew Foiled Again with Silk (also known as Silkprincess and Gunner) and the flag Something Powerful with Silk and Savannah and Sneako, Bnavver changed his name from Drjekyll to the one he is now known for on Cobalt, Bnavver.

He is currently captain of the crew Black Horizon and king of the flag Hurricane. When his flag held Terra Island, Bnavver served as its governor.

Current Activities

Bnavver's pillages are well-known for being greenie-friendly and for the enormous goals he sets for the final haul. Generally setting out on one of his war frigates with the adjective "Black," Bnavver welcomes all jobbers and will pillage for hours, declaring his goal of a one million PoE haul.

To supplement his intense pillaging habits, Bnavver owns several iron mongers and distilleries to offset the amount of PoE he spends on supplies. He has been known to occasionally clean an archipalego out of it's large shot. Bnavver can often be found on either his war frigates, the Black Warrior or the Black Knight, or in the basement of his villa on Olive Island playing high stakes poker.

Shoppes and Stalls