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Sarahsparrow is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean and makes port on Epsilon Island in the Emerald Archipelago.



Sarahsparrow is currently captain of the crew Barnacle for Brains. She is a woman of very few words, but does her best to be friendly. She is also very slowly coming out of her shell to be more outgoing.


Since her creation in June 2006, she has called the Emerald Archipelago her home, and plans to always keep it that way. She thinks she may have spawned on Alpha Island, but she's not sure, and has been in Emerald her entire career.

Her first crew was Wildkat's Buccaneer's, which she stayed with for a week. She ended up leaving because all the crew's activity was at different times than hers.

Early on, she fell in with Kimers, captain of Ocean Hazers and queen of Ocean Mist. Sarahsparrow stayed with Ocean Hazers for approximately 7 months, rising to the rank of fleet officer and becoming a royal in the flag. However, when the crew began to fall apart and the captain announced a 'long vacation,' Sarahsparrow went in search of a new and more active crew.

Within a few days, Sarahsparrow found her new home with long-time hearty Chrisspy in the crew Barnacle for Brains, which by that time had split off into the flag Incredible. She eventually became captain almost by default when most of the rest of the crew went inactive.

In her long-time experience in Barnacle For Brains, she has become the charting slave for the crew, as she is the only one in the crew to not only like Duty Navigation, but also has the entire ocean memorized (hence her title of Cartographer).

She considers her best activities to be rumble and duty navigation, and has excelled in rumble tournaments and races.


  • Won a December Daily Doodles 2009 (28th): Sitting Duckfish
  • Won an Honorable-Runner-Mention-Ups in December Daily Doodles 2009 (30th): In the Doghouse
  • Won an honorable mention in December Daily Doodles 2009 (22nd): The Long Squawk
  • Won runner-up in December Daily Doodles 2009 (17th): Cheesey Punkeys
  • Won an honorable mention in December Daily Doodles 2009: Weekend Doodle 2 (12th - 13th) - The Pirate Ballet Company
  • Won an honorable mention in December Daily Doodles 2009 (11th): 8x8
  • Won an honorable mention in December Daily Doodles 2009 (3rd): Dusted? orly?
  • Won an honourable mention in Apollo's "Easter Easel 2009: Phillite III (7th April)" event on the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Forums. The prize was Phillite's prize-winning egg.
  • Won a December Daily Doodles 2008 (17th): A Well-Ordered Tale. The prize was a gold daisy trinket.
  • Won an honorable mention in December Daily Doodles 2008 (30th): Snow, PoE, or YoHoHo!
  • Won a tan monkey in a Familiar Rumble Tournament.
  • Placed first in the Summer Runnin' Ship Races. The prize was a magenta/white parrot.
  • Placed 3rd in The Great November Races
  • Vice-admiral and jobbing contact at Cleo VI
  • Navigator at the Midnight Sinky Sinky Event
  • Memorization of the Midnight Ocean
  • Former royal of Ocean Mist
  • Royal of Riot