Release 2017-02-07

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Make Ready the Guns

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for March.
  • Updating code to begin preparing for Dark Seas later in the year.
  • Making it possible to pay a small bribe in pieces of eight in order to port a vessel at an embargoed island. The bribe lasts for one hour, and the cost increases based on the size of the vessel that is porting. The pieces of eight are placed in the Palace coffers.
    • UPDATE: This feature will go into effect after the oceans complete their normal morning reboot. The bribe panel will then be displayed when you attempt to port your vessel at an embargoed island.
  • When a vessel sinks, a note will now be recorded in the vessel logs listing the players who were on board the vessel when it was engaged.
  • Vessel Deeds can no longer be traded while the vessel is currently at sea.
  • Commodities can no longer be destroyed when placing a new building construction site.
  • Removing obsolete link from the doubloon purchase panel.