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Pieces of Eight Piecesofeight.png, or PoE, are the basic monetary unit of Puzzle Pirates.

There are many ways for pirates to earn PoE. These include working on voyages, working at and running shoppes, wagering on the outcomes of multiplayer puzzles, and trading goods. Equally, there are many ways to expend PoE, such as wagers on multiplayer puzzle games, purchasing new clothes and other items, or even funding a blockade in a bid to control an island.

On Doubloon Oceans, pirates can use PoE to buy doubloons, a secondary form of currency, at the doubloon exchange. While nearly all items can be bought with PoE, most goods charge an additional delivery fee which must be paid with doubloons. Furthermore some items, such as the limited edition Gold boxes, can only be purchased with doubloons.

Proper grammatical usage

Only the "pieces" part of the grammatical construction changes in the plural; a pirate may have one Piece of Eight, or many Pieces of Eight. "PoE" is an acceptable abbreviation in either instance, although the form "PoEs" is incorrect.

However, the term "poe" is more commonly seen than "PoE".


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Coffers are a place to store Pieces of Eight, either within a building or on a ship. The coffers can be accessed using chests or a hold.

Real-life counterpart

From Wikipedia:

The real de a ocho (also known as the piece of eight (peso de ocho), the Spanish dollar, or the eight-real coin) is a silver coin, of approximately 38 mm diameter, worth eight reales...
The Spanish dollar was widely used by many countries as international currency because of its uniformity in standard and milling characteristics.

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