Release 2008-02-05

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Is That A Starfish On Your Face, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

From the Release Notes:
  • Reports from those plundering Atlantean ruins indicate that new types of riches have been discovered.
    • Rumors are that some particularly seasoned adventurers have recovered living creatures from the depths.
  • Some poor souls who have lost their vessels in Atlantean waters have found starfish clinging to them when they washed ashore.
    • Apothecaries can now brew a new potion to remove these stowaways from pirates who dislike them.
  • Tailors have learned to craft new clothing: Chainmail
  • New limited edition portrait background: Captainada's Valentine Arch
  • Returning seasonal portrait backgrounds: Valentine's Day Heart, Valentine's Day Swan
  • Seasonal Valentine's Day trinkets are available in the Palace Shoppe.
  • New items available in portraits: Trophies ye've won may be displayed, as can a new item for those experienced in treasure haul.
  • New one-handed option for rumble: Boxing.
  • Minor adjustment to the blackjack's sprinkle pattern.
  • Pirate info has been reorganized, removing the info button, and combining its content with yer own pirate page.
  • Removed clothing purchase requirement from the mission to get yer free portrait painted.
  • Adjust seeding in double-elimination tournaments to avoid repeat matches until as late as possible.
  • Add buttons to the palace tab to conveniently access the shoppe & portrait room.
  • Sort color options alphabetically when ordering products.
  • Carpentry sessions now require fewer pieces placed before they count towards your ratings.
  • Brigand Kings now set news when they win an island.
  • Pirates playing from the same computer can no longer play wagered nor rated games against each other.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Fix bug that didn't show the first-time-greeter dialog when dutied on by a greeter pillage.
    • Fix bug that didn't keep PVP records if an involved ship had no crew.
    • Fix bug involving multiple royals scuttling a Brigand King at the same time.
    • Fix bug causing sailing to not give a new board after clearing one.
    • Fix bug causing the palace shoppe interface to jump to the first page after purchasing an item.
    • Fix bug that would cause the client to close immediately upon startup on some Linux systems.