Pirate Lords (Hunter)

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Pirate Lords at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Captain Buchanko (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) None
Politics Autocratic
Shares Promotion Pays
Flag Affiliation Lords of Heaven
Founded 7 May, 2007
Dormant as of 12 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Pirate Lords is a dormant crew that sails the Emerald Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Lords of Heaven.


The crew Golden Dragons was founded on 7 May, 2007, on the former Hunter Ocean. It was later renamed to PUZZLE PIRATES and then Puzzle Pirates, then Pirate Lords.

Captaincy history

  1. Buchanko (May 7, 2007 - ~between Oct 9, 2009 & Feb 14, 2010)
  2. Crewkeeper (~Feb 14, 2010 - ?)
  3. Buchanko (? - present)

Public statement

A global crew focused on the quality of the people and not the quantity of the people or their online attributes.

Crew articles

We are a global community which is trying to do everything as a team (pillages, pvp's, blockades, sea monster hunt, crafting puzzling, etc) but consequently getting bigger and stronger.

Therefore, our main aim is to create a place where you can enjoy the gameplay, have fun and learn to cooperate with other players but also feel that you belong to one of the ocean's main crews.

Note: We like to believe that our unique system of values, based on support and friendship, can overcome any egotistic perceptions some pirates achieved. Be sure you understand what we expect from you before joining our ranks.

Apart from gaining new friends and getting help, ye will also be offered unlocked ships which ye will be able to pillage on, as well as free training to higher ranks!!! And of course fun experience with the crew itself.

General rules

  1. Do not leave a ship while in battle without a proper excuse. It is disrespectful and leaves the pillage runner shorthanded for the remainder of pilly.
  2. Do not spam or trade goods on ships. You will be planked for such offences. Don't ask to set sail the officer knows when to set sail and asking is very annoying.
  3. Laziness during battle while stations are open is Not Allowed, as the payment system is done on the duty report, and if your not dutying then the payment is lowered.
  4. Use PTB (Permission to Board) when trying to get on a ship. This is required for all ships smaller than a WB. Simply type PTB +Ship name and you wil receive a response immediately.
  5. Be friendly and polite. We don't need bad behaviour in our crew.
  6. Respect higher ranks.
  7. Don't send challenge puzzles while pillaging. Also don't change stations if you are not ordered.
  8. Don't shout unless you are officer or above.
  9. Don't ask to gun or navigate. The officers themselves will tell you if anyone is needed for that job.
  10. Do NOT bother battle navigators, bnav needs a lot of concentration.

Officer rules

  1. Don't leave the ship abandoned at sea.
  2. Stock the ships as they were before the pillage. (Some of them are empty so you need to stock them, in order to run the pillage. The officer bulletin board on the ship will give you a slight information about the recommended supplies you need)
  3. Stealing, cheating or scamming are forbidden as such things are totally incompatible with our system of values. Such practices will bring both administrative measures within the crew but will also involve blackspots and complaints to the Ocean Masters.
  4. Attack only Brigands , Barbarians And Merchants. (If you plan on attacking real players please talk with a superior officer)
  5. If you win KB (kraken's blood ) you'll have to give a +1 to every pirate on board that pillaged with you and stayed until the end of the pillage.Also you aren't allowed to sell it , the captain will sell it and give you your 50% cut for it. ( The other 50% will go to the crew fund as there are no obligations set to donating )

Promotion requirements

  • Cabin person- This is the rank all players will be starting from. Simply tell an officer that you would like to be a full member of the crew, and you will be invited! :) We ask only that you take the time to completely read over the crew information, so you are familiar with our policies and procedures. Thank you.
Note: You will stay as a cabin person until you improve your stats (standings at puzzles).
  • Pirate- A pirate is the person who pillages with the crew,unlike cabin they respect the crew and have it as their own. Just because you are a pirate does NOT mean you can gun on a pillage without permission. You will be planked if seen gunning without permission, continuous offences will get you expelled.
  • Pirate + - A pirate that gained the title of a midshipman. (See titles)
  • Officer- YOU MUST PASS AN OFFICER TRAINING. To get officer you need to be helpful and active member in the crew. You also need to spend quite a while in the crew in order for us to know you better. You must prove that you are worthy of this rank by showing your helpfulness and leadership skills. At least distinguished in battle navigation is required.
  • Fleet Officer- To get FO you will have to have all requirements of an officer, as well as helping the crew and being highly trusted. At least respected in battle navigation is required.
  • Senior Officer- To get here you must advance through all the ranks, have a good reputation around the current Senior Officers. You must have the abilities to B-Nav, know how to keep the boat in shape, know how to handle a crew, and keep everything else in order. Because you will also have a say in politics and major decisions, you must be trusted and willing to take on the responsibility. This rank isn't simple because you will be taking a big part in the crew. At least respected/master in battle navigation is required.